MONTECARLO HLT. Top concavity in 19”

MONTECARLO HLT. Top concavity in 19”

The exclusivity of the Montecarlo HLT, monobloc, 5-spoke wheel from the ALL TERRAIN collection is now also available in 19”.

Engineered to customize the most high class SUVs like the PORSCHE MACAN and the most sought-after big sedans, Montecarlo HLT wheels feature a design that conveys the strength of this product, and long, lean lines that make the wheels seem even larger.

The smallest details of the Montecarlo HLT are considered crucial and find their utmost expression in the deep concave of the wheel back.
This confirms the new trend introduced for this market segment which increasingly sees the fusion of the brilliant advantages of the exclusive OZ technologies drawn from its time-tested experience in the world of racing, and an eye-catching design for the utmost in customization of one’s car.

Thanks to the use of HLT technology and the exclusive OZ heat treatments, the Montecarlo HLT wheels ensure an excellent strength-to-structural flexibility ratio as well as an appreciable drop in weight compared to other wheels in the same category.

Montecarlo HLT are available in the new 19” size, in addition to the existing 20” and 22” and in Matt Dark Graphite Diamond Cut and Matt Black finishes.

Like all OZ wheels, Montecarlo HLT wheels are TÜV certified.