Interview with the most beautiful car owner at SO.GA 2016

Interview with the most beautiful car owner at SO.GA 2016

At SO.GA. 2016 we met many OZ fans and saw their beautiful cars with OZ Racing wheels.
We involved all present people and have some fun with them thanks to OZ PARADE. Here is the interview with Sandra Pientka, proud owner of Golf GTI MKVI with OZ Futura, declared the most beautiful car.

What is tuning for you?

For me tuning does not mean changing a vehicle completely, but make it individual, pull out its best and highlight its beauty.

How did you discover tuning? How did you developed your passion for it?

I am passionate about cars since childhood and I soon realized that my car had to be a Golf GTI. I have often seen tuned cars and I slowly began to change something in mine. Continuous new ideas come from tuning and motor sport events in which I participate quite often. I tried to put them into practice in a unique and not over-done way. My Golf GTI is the only car I've changed and I own it since more than 5 years.

What role does the customization of the wheels play for a car-lover?

I think a very important role. Everyone would like to have something that can be considered personal, that meets his/her taste at 100%. Furthermore, the wheels highlight the entire vehicle and are able to confer really a particular feeling. After all, wheels for the car are like shoes for the woman.

Why OZ and not another brand?

OZ wheels are high quality products and beautiful from the aesthetic point of view. I fixated especially on OZ Futura because it is a classic and timeless wheel and I found it perfect on my Golf.

Are there changes you prefer to do by yourself and others for which you prefer to rely on professionals?

For technical alterations, repairs and modifications that affect my safety I prefer to turn to the experts. For the rest I try to do my best doing something alone or at least give a helping hand.

Which particular of your car makes you particularly proud?

For me small details are so important and on my car, there are many and many. It is impossible for me to choose one.

Which are for you the most important events for a tuning fan and why?

The Wörthersee, Team Eddy Treffen, VAG in Braunau. These are high quality events, they take place in beautiful places and let people spend time with friends.
Success of So.Ga is due to the location, the relaxed atmosphere and the Mediterranean environment. The hospitality was extraordinary and everyone welcomed us warmly.